EMERGE values research and engages in research opportunities as the need/opportunity presents itself. 

EMERGE research projects have been presented at an international MMPI-2 conference. This research examined 200 missionary candidates and affirmed that they are a particular and separate sub group population. The norms have helped to best understand what a typical healthy missionary candidate looks like in terms of their personality profile. This information can help to determine when missionaries are best prepared for full time missions.  

EMERGE has also been engaged in several doctoral dissertations that helped identify trauma markers, ADD/ADHD, and marital satisfaction of missionaries and clergy.

EMERGE has conducted research on the top areas of concern for ministers and spouses, which help design "Healthy Pastor" seminars.

EMERGE will continue to study our clients to identify risk areas as well as strengths in an effort to discover ways in which we can best understand our clients and help them move forward.  

(All data collected is strictly screened and no one is ever identified. Data is always comprised as group data under the strictest guidelines for confidentiality.)