Education and Training

​EMERGE strives to offer the best in education by providing opportunities to counseling professionals, local churches, and individuals in the community. 

EMERGE offers engaging training events for mental health professionals. 

EMERGE empowers pastors and lay leaders through our Healthy Pastors seminars and equips the local church and individuals seeking skills in pastoral counseling through our online Center for Pastoral Counseling

EMERGE coordinates a Masters of Clinical Counseling Practicum and Internship student program. 

Events at EMERGE range from fun ways to invest in yourself to learning how to become part of our ministry. You'll hear all the ways in which EMERGE desires to give back to the community. We encourage everyone to explore new areas of personal growth and gain knowledge through our community seminars presented by expert speakers.

Please check out our calendar HERE for upcoming training events you may be interested in.

Online Pastoral Counseling Training

Are people coming to you for counseling?

Maybe you are their pastor, or a business leader in their community. 

Or, maybe you are their friend or coworker.

Do you find you have the heart to help, 

but lack the skills and training you need?

If the answer is yes, don't feel badly. The good news is you are a trusted person, and we can help you gain the skills you need.

The Center for Pastoral Counseling is EMERGE's response to those who have asked us for practical tools to use.  This course is taught by our professional team of counselors who, in some cases, have also served as pastors.  

To find out more please, click HERE to create an account on our education site.