Counseling population and needs served

  • treatment areas

    Clinical bios can be found by clicking HERE.

    Some of the areas in which we counsel: (Please note, we serve many needs and all may not be listed below.)

    - Stress

    - Depression

    - Anxiety

    - ADHD

    - Addictions

    - Grief

    - Post Traumatic Stress

    - Trauma

    - Eating Disorders

    - Mood Disorders

    - Parenting Issues

    - Emotional Abuse

    - Sexual Abuse

    - Physical Abuse

    - Special Needs Children

    - Marriage and Family Issues

    - Self-Injusting Behavior

    - Suicidal Thoughts

    - Anger Management

    - Chronic Mental Illness

    - Preventative Care- Marriage Tune-Ups, Pre-Marital Counseling

    - Testing and evaluations are available as well. Click HERE to find out more.  

  • Who we SERVE

    EMERGE has skilled Christian mental health professionals on staff to offer counseling services to senior adults, adults, adolescents, children (3 years of age and older), families, marital and premarital couples and groups. 

    Each clinician is state board approved and has met the necessary number of trainings to have a current license. Individual counselors have expertise, specialization or training in varied issues.