emerge Seminars

Below is a list of seminars that EMERGE is happy to offer to  your organization or event.

  • a seminar with an emerge clinician

    EMERGE is blessed with more than thirty psychologists and counselors. Many of them are available to serve the local church with seminars and training. You pick the topic, we will work with you to provide a skilled presenter. Each talk or seminar is geared to specifically address your needs.  


    Topics that may be of interest to your ministry/school or business include the list below (other topics are available---please ask!):

    • Parenting
    • Conflict resolution skills
    • Basic counseling skills
    • Avoiding compassion fatigue
    • Overcoming sexual temptations
    • Facing gender identity issues
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Grief
    • Self-Harm and preventing adolescent suicide
    • Addictions
    • Social Media
    • Marriage
    • School challenges
    • Meeting the mental health needs of those you work with/for

    To learn more about these resources and/or to schedule one of our clinicians for a speaking engagement contact us  at 800-621-5207 or send us an email HERE.

  • Healthy Pastors/Leaders Seminar

    We are committed to helping pastors and other leaders become and remain emotionally, psychologically, relationally, spiritually, and physically healthy. We place a high value on self-care.  These seminars can be held in a local church or for a group of churches – in the United States and/or overseas.


    Call the EMERGE office at 800-621-5207 to learn more about these resources and/or to schedule a Healthy Pastors/Leaders Seminar.



  • marriage retreat/conference

    A Friday evening and Saturday work well for an effective marriage retreat/conference. The EMERGE presenters work with the leadership of the sponsoring church to determine the topics best suited for those attending. Any topic related to developing and maintaining a healthy marriage can be shared.


    To learn more about these resources and/or to schedule a Marriage Retreat/Conference please call us at 800-621-5207.