Donald A. Lichi

PhD - Psychologist

Vice President of EMERGE

Site Location-


Clinical Interests-

Marriage and Family, Pre/RE-Marriage Assessment and Adjusting, Blended Families, Training, Professional Development, Graduate Education, Wounded Warrior (U.S. Military) for PTSD: Attachment, Addictions, Crisis, Grief, Life Transitions, Clergy and Missionary Assessment and Care

Population Seved-

Adults and Adolescents

Educational History-

University of Maryland (European Division)

University Alaska Nyack College, BS of Education

University of Akron, MS in Counseling

University of Akron, PhD in Psychology

Clinical Trainings, Certifications and Professional Memberships-

Wounded Warrior (U.S. Military) for PTSD

EMERGE/ Community Involvement-

EMERGE Vice President, Executive Leadership Team, Clinical Leadership Team Research Team, Leadership Team, Clinical Supervisor, Instructor for the Center of Pastoral Counseling, Ministerial/Missionary Church Planter, Assessments, Author, Conference and Workshop Speaker, Seminary Professor